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I remember so clearly as a young boy purchasing these yellow basepath pins from a gumball machine. For me the machine was at Brandon's Grocery. This was located on the south side of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. The year would have been 1956. I was 11 years old. I remember that I would get money from my mother and use it to buy the gumballs and the yellow basepath pins would also come out of the machine. At one time I had about thirty of these that I had stored in my dresser for about forty years. I have since sold many of these through eBay. But, my interest still remains high as they bring back such good childhood memories.

This is a 32 pin set and the pins are 7/8" in diameter. According to the "Complete Guide to Baseball Memorabilia" by Mark K. Larson, there are two players who have their names misspelled. These players are Ted Kluszewski and Eddie Mathews.


  1. eBay Auctions - 1/15/09 - Don Newcombe.

    Note: I don't know why this is not considered a misspelling? If you do contact me.

  2. eBay Auctions - 2/11/09 - Duke Snider


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